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Plant Ecology 2020

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Ethan Beneroff

As summer turns to fall, and the days get colder, the branches overhead become bare as their leaves fall to the forest floor. The...

Sarah Hart

As I stand on the edge of the familiar field the first word to flit into my mind is “bleak”. Another b-word that comes to mind is...

Rory Kuczek; Layers in the Moment

I was sprawled amongst golden grasses for quite some time. I understood I had to leave. The forest was beckoning me with its arms...

Ben Harris

The early morning sunlight peaks out from behind the Eastern horizon, shining warmly on the forest canopy. Within minutes, the limited...

Sivan Levi: Shade vs. Sun

Daring to dream, daring to find that which it needs the most, but he is barred from it by the dark. An intrepid seed, young in stature...

Bella Thomas

As far as the eye can see stretches a barren forest. I laid on the forest floor and used the fallen leaves as my mattress. Looking...



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