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Planting the seed by sharing our knowledge with kids

During Plant Ecology during fall 2020, most Bard students were on campus. Children attending public schools in the surrounding communities were not so lucky. Students in the Fall 2020 class designed outreach projects appropriate for elementary aged kids as a means of providing activities or tutorials as a supplement to their remote-schooling. Some projects involved working with kids outdoors (pictured below). For craft-based activities, we were able to supply the local YMCA (a local organization providing childcare for emergency workers during the pandemic) with materials to complete the projects. Craft materials and video tutorials will be shared with local elementary teachers during spring 2021 when elementary students study plants. Samples of these projects can be found by clicking on the links below.

Study how plants grow toward light!

Make aromatic hand-scrub out of a plant!

Learn about seed dispersal and go on a "Sock Walk"

Make Halloween-themed craft out of sweet potatoes

Go on an evolution-themed plant walk!

Learn about pollination and make cute pollinators out of pipecleaners!

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